It’s been 2 months since I’ve officially finished all of my college studies, with that said, I have been applying to several design studios and companies, to those I know and to those I found while searching on google, because as all fresh college graduates, I am in desperate need of money. So far, it’s been quite unsuccessful and I have not been given a job offer yet.

While I do wait and to earn extra cash, I have been working at my usual part-time place as a barista slash waitress. Though I have been “working”, it still sucks that I can’t do what I love and something fun, I actually miss getting deadlines and working on creative projects. I have been feeling so unmotivated, like what am I really doing with my life? Why can’t someone just hire me already?

Waiting can really suck the life out of you, it emotionally affects you, but even so, I like to be optimistic and hope for the best. I like to believe that I have changed over the course of the year, especially in late 2017, I’ve become more outgoing, more into networking and love hosting and planning events. It’s weird but I like having dots on the calendars now, where before I used to not be comfortable about. Thought the past few weeks have been just me on the couch using my phone or either watching tv, while some days I do go out, IF I have money.

On the same day as I am writing this, I randomly just thought to myself What if I just had a day, a month or a year left to live? Have I lived my life to the fullest yet? Have I accomplished all that I wanted in Life? The answer is NO, not yet, and that is why, I want to start living it my way, starting with this year. This 2018, I want to do things I’ve always wanted to but never got to, I want to achieve goals, a bucket list, if you must, for the year. I want to at least be able to do something new, or complete a goal every month, it all starts with beginning and continuing. I know it might be late since it’ll be March soon, but better late than never. Right?

12 Goals and Hobbies I’d like to start and achieve every month of this year.

  1. Start Painting on a Canvas
  2. Travel to a Foreign Place
  3. Intern Abroad
  4. Volunteer Abroad
  5. (Actually) Join and Continue French Classes
  6. Join a Dance Club
  7. Continue Running and Complete the Program
  8. Work on and Complete My First Official Work Project
  9. Get a Tattoo
  10. Read and Finish a Book Every Month (I love reading tbh)
  11. Reconnect with my Spirituality
  12. Find Love (we’ll never know)