So, the story of how I bought a film camera was actually spontaneous but planned at the same time. Ever since I rediscovered film photography and how photographers capture moments through it, it interested me in buying one.

Initially, it was only a thought and like a no. 100 must-have, but until that one night when I was supposed to meet a guy friend of mine for dinner, and I cancelled on him because I was nervous. Let me tell you something about myself, when I get nervous I tend to cancel on people last minute, and I do feel guilty about that but eh what can I do. That night, I instead planned to visit this camera shop instead to look at the film cameras that they have available. I wasn't planning on buying one because I didn't really know how to work one and I know that film cameras cost a lot, so as I was looking through their film cameras, I saw a HKD300 one from Lomography, a DIY film camera "Konstruktor", it may be made of plastic with some electric circuit but it still works just as normal as a film camera, less complicated though.

Learning how to photograph and use film was actually interesting and fun, I love watching videos of how people capture their surroundings and moments, a few of my favorites on Youtube are Wild We Roam and Negative Feedback. The other thing I love about film photography is the anticipation of getting your pictures and seeing them for the first time, and how creative you can be with each frame.

As of now, I'm still working out how to be more creative but I'm loving it so far. In the future, I do plan to buy a real film camera to enhance my skills.