One (mid)night, I was reading these blog posts by a fellow filipino blogger Camie Juan. She’s able to travel around Europe more than once and yes, I know these are all because of her hard work and perseverance, but while reading them I just couldn’t stop but to think of myself and how I do not have a life like this.

It gave me an epiphany, like an actual one. Whenever I travel it is always with my family and it is always paid by them, never by me. Well to be honest, I only started working when I turned 16, which is the working age in Hong Kong but still, I never really saved for travels but for things I would need and want to buy. I’ve only recently really read through Camie’s blog and while she made me envious ti also made me come to a realisation that I should really start setting my goals and saving.

I never really appreciated traveling ’till maybe a few years ago, but now that I’m older that’s all I want to do. So, I’ve made the decision to finally visit one of my favourite places, France, on my 20th birthday. Cliche? I think not. I jotted down notes and my plan, plus month to month savings plan based on Camie’s “Eurotrip” post. That night, I barely couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about what could happen on my 20th. I kept repeating to myself to save my money and to remember my goal. It made me really excited for what’s to come

You might think, why not ask your parents as a gift or something? Well, I did think of that.. For them to pay as my 20th bday or as a grad gift (since I’ll also be finishing college by this year, hopefully!!) It would be so much easier if it was like that, i didn’t have to save unless for allowance, I can just ask, but the thought of making it on your own is much more achieving than just asking. You can’t always ask your parents what you want, especially when you are able to work for your own money. I want to strive and believe that I can do this, with my own handwork and perseverance. I made this post for you guys to follow my journey to this one goal. So, will you?