Layout Designing

I've never really gotten into designing layouts but ever since we had to for essays/booklets, I've come to enjoy it, but it is never easy. When it comes to layout designing, it is quite stressful at times.. where I feel no motivation at all, no inspiration, I just feel like I wanna stop what I'm doing.

I always have to keep in mind, especially with designers, to know the difference of being inspired and copying it. For me, being inspired is admiring someone's design & taking a tiny part of what you liked the best and creating your own version of it that transforms into the whole language of your design.

Whenever I start designing, I first go through pinterest, looking at layout formats, color schemes, designs, etc. Also, when I design layouts I don't only design with no meaning of the language, I review the contents of the essay/topic and make an abstract form/pattern of it. I guess thats how I also really gotten better at it than I was at first, I didn't really thought it all out then, didn't really take much effort into it, I basically just added opaqued pictures as backgrounds and that was it. But thank God, I finally had the decency to actually work right??

If you've seen some of my layout designs, I use a lot geometrics shapes, but mostly lines, to create the layout. Just recently, while I was creating a design for one of my homeworks, I was putting lines when my classmate told me "You really like lines, do you? It's like the 'Alexia signature'.", and I guess I can say too that it is my "signature".

So for example, I'll go through the process of a layout design I just did recently on one of my homeworks for my chosen topic, Punk, when the objective was to design an art concept of the chosen Subculture, and I chose to write a song.

I was actually first inspired by a booklet i saw on pinterest that had wordings on a line (yet again) placed on the left side of the paper. I then took that and did the same thing with, of course, different wordings. It was only that that was on the paper, so I looked again for inspiration and then saw these multiple repetitions of zig zag patterns, I interpreted this as the movement or rhythm of the music which is related to the concept I was doing (song), and took that as another language for my overall layout design. I could explain more in detail about the whole design, but that is the base of it all. What's left to do is look and admire it.