So, What is Hong Kong?

For this term, Our Interior Design Lighting Class has collaborated with the Graphic Design Class and the International students from the Ploytechnic University of Palermo, Italy to creat FLUID CITIES. It is a design contest based on HEREDITY, and both HONG KONG - PALERMO. We, the Interior Design students, are to create a human-sized box that best defines what Hong Kong means to us and how we'd like to communicate it to other people.

Some groups were more towards the literal side of defining Hong Kong, street lights, buildings, bamboo scaffolding, car streaks and such, but my group, consisting of Jeremy, Joyce, Nejala and I, were more towards the emotional and Psychological side of interpreting Hong Kong.

What's shown below is a Visual Diary, by moi, of our concept, main points and keywords.

Note: this was not the very first idea, there were a lot more from where that came from, but we felt that this really connected and complimented the Main Concept.