How to Choose A Perfect Marriage Therapist

Those who are in marriages faces numerous challenges. Newly married couples also need a lot of guidance on how to go about their new stage of life. It is for this reason that the services of a marriage counselor are necessary. For a breaking marriage, a good marriage counselor can be a savior to that marriage. However, cautions must be taken when choosing a marriage counselor to ensure both couples are comfortable. A majority do not know how to choose the best marital therapists. But in a bid to make your choice easier, you need to look for the following traits possessed by the counselor.

Proper training

A quality marriage counselor needs to have the right skills. Apart from just the ordinary classroom education, a marriage therapist should be properly trained on how to handle a wide range of problems faced by the couples. The therapists also need to embrace continuous professional development (CPD) course organized by various marriage counseling institutions CPD courses help in equipping the therapists with the latest techniques in marital therapy.


Marriage is a very sensitive union because it involves two people who have no blood relations. Therefore, those who offer marriage counseling services need to be people who are recognized by the relevant authorities. It means they need to be licensed and registered the relevant by government agencies before the can fully practice professional marriage counseling. You can find out more about breaking news in nigeria today here.


Counseling is a psychological process. It, therefore, a lot of people skills to make it successful. A marriage therapist should possess skills such as neutrality, communication skills, patience, emotional stability, problem-solving techniques, leadership skills among others. Therefore, in your search for a credible marriage counselor, look for an individual with strong people skills.


For how long has the therapist been in the profession and how many cases has he or she successfully counseled? For a productive counseling session, you need a counselor who has been in the profession for a long duration. The therapist should also have a proven record of success in marriage counseling and most probably consider the individual achievements that the counselor has made throughout his or her career.


Lastly, a good marriage counselor should be ethical both at work and at home. Counseling couples involve sharing top secrets. The secrets revealed to you by the couples should reign between the three of you and not shared with third parties. As a result, you need a marriage counselor who is ethical enough to maintain a standard that is above board. For those interested, you can check out childcare jobs in London here.