What You Need To Understand Regarding US Passport Renewal.

US passports are given to US citizens and the non-citizens of the United States by the US Department of State. It is imperative to understand that the passports are issued in the form of passport cards and passport books. Note that a regular passport book facilitates easy international trips around the globe. The passport card takes after a small identification card which can be applied for crossing Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean through sea and land. You cannot succeed in your international travels when you possess a passport card. It is essential to understand that one can be issues with both the US passport book and passport card at the same time.

Note that the passport book is given for a particular period after which it will expire. It is a requirement to renew your passport after its expiration. There exist different kinds of passports, and each one of them has its validity which is different from the other.

A regular passport is one of them which is characterized by a dark blue cover. It is issued to citizens and nationals. Its validity is ten years for adults and five years for minors from the time of issue. An official passport is another type which comes with a brown cover and is given to US citizen government employees. It is valid for only five years from the time of issue. A diplomatic passport is also included, and it has a back cover. It is issued to US diplomats and last for five years from the time of issue. It is prudent to learn that when your passport is more about to expire in the next six months, or it has already expired, then one needs to renew it immediately.


Several reasons explain why one needs to renew their passports when they reach expiration. You need to realize that a passport acts a vital identification paper for the person both inside and outside the country. Note that it supplements the Nationality certificate as proof. It allows easy international travel thus helping you to avoid inconveniences. Therefore, it is wise to have a valid passport with you all the time as one can be checked for his credentials at any time and travels may be urgent and unexpected. One can decide to renew the passport through either by mail or in person. Renewing passport by mail recommended for individuals who were issued with the US passport when they were below the age of sixteen years and the passport in good shape. On the other hand, when your passport is damaged, altered or destroyed, the renewing it is in person may be the best option. Get info.