The music of La Corneille shows daring and zest. They play because they care - about the world around them, about love and about sincere music. The remarkably deep voice of lead singer Guy Corneille proclaims songs over a score of tense rhythms, intricate harmonies and unexpected turns. Weaving together the melancholy of folk music with the raw drive of experimental/psychedelic rock, they build an avant-garde indie genre that keeps listeners on their toes and fighting their tears.

On their upcoming EP Rattlesnakes (2017), you hear them creak, crash and break, sometimes defeated and intimate, sometimes furious. Four very different songs were moulded to one story in the studio of Simon Akkermans/EpicRainbowUnicorn (Bombay, The Great Communicators). The band’s admiration for artists like Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens and Antony and the Johnsons resonates in the background. The first single Eli has already harvested attention and surprise - the fast-paced, almost political urgency contrasts to their more dreamy debut album I Was A Bird (2015).