How to Become Emotionally Intelligent

Generally,emotional intelligence is being able to know your emotions and those of others. Being able to know how you are feeling as well as what others are feeling and to be able to label those feelings is important if you are to be able to accurately be aware of what is happening around you. Some of the ways in which you can be able to develop your emotional intelligence are briefly highlighted below.

One of the ways you can develop your emotional intelligence is by asking yourself how you are feeling on a daily basis. Ideally,you should have a log book where you enter how you feel so that you can be able to track and check your emotions. If possible you can rate how you feel in a scale of about 1 to 10 and take time to think triggers that may have caused some emotions to erupt or subside.

Another great way to become emotionally intelligent is by tapping into your unconscious feelings. During relaxation your thought roam freely and you get to thinks broadly and generally and this is something that you should try to document.Having a pen and notebook when you are relaxing is important since you will be able to document where your thoughts go and where they linger especially if they recur and are accompanied by very powerful emotions, view here more info!

It is not uncommon to shelf your feelings if they make you uncomfortable and in most cases people tend to distract themselves when they experience such feelings. To become emotionally intelligent,you need to be aware of feelings that make you uncomfortable and be in a position to explore them. Ensure that you have time where you remain undistracted and ask yourself why certain feelings and emotions make you uncomfortable so that you can be able to describe the root cause.

If exploring your feelings are not something that you are used to then you can consider asking someone that you trust. People around us who know as well are able to give us insight on our emotions since they know you well. Knowing how you are presenting yourself can be insightful since it will help you how you come across as well as be able to understand your emotions which can help you grow your emotional intelligence. Learn more on how to be happy in life here.

Equally important is knowing the difference between you thoughts and your feelings. Taking time to write what you feel and what you think on a weekly basis can help you know the difference between the two. Once you are aware of your emotions,it becomes easy to become emotionally intelligent. Check out this website about education.