Reasons to Work With A Building Contractor Who Uses Liquid Screed

When one is selecting the best building contractor, one of the factors that they have to consider is the materials that a given contractor uses when building. Flooring is one areas that one should be keen on when they want to have a new building contracted, and most builders are switching from using the traditional cement screed and switching to the use of liquid screed due to the numerous benefits that it brings. If you are seeking to have your home's floor replaced or you are having a new house under construction, here are some reasons to work with Gyvtec Ltd liquid screed suppliers.

One of the factors that worry individuals during construction is the cost of construction. If one hasn't signed a contract for the whole project, it will mean that the time it takes to complete your house will affect the cost of having the house constructed. Labor intensive construction will always attract high charges, thus the need to consider the use of liquid screed when having a new floor installed. The process of establishing the liquid screed will be ten times faster than the case of cement screed, thus saving cost and time, click for more facts!

The time that it takes for the installation of the liquid screed isn't the only reason why individuals are making the switch to its use, but also the time that it takes to dry after it has been installed. The fact that the liquid will cause a significant reduction in the depth of the floor means that it will take a short duration for the floor to dry. When you have installed liquid screed, it will take only 24 hours before you can walk on the floor, and thus the project of replacing your floor doesn't affect other activities on the site or your home. The liquid screed can also be force dried after just one week thus minimizing the time taken to install the floor and complete the building project. For more ideas about building contractor, go to

Heating and insulation is also part of worries when one seeks to have the floor installed in their home. The use of liquid screed which is provided by Gyvtec Ltd liquid screed suppliers will work to enhance heating efficiency in your home. When one has invested in hydronic or underfloor heating, the fact that liquid screed has minimum thickness means that there is less heat storage and thus the floor responds quickly. Check this site!