The Euro-Mediterranean conference and exhibition “smart and blue city” is organized with the

help of many partners and supporters, to bring together city and regional authorities with industry, SME’s, academics and professionals to present information and ideas for smartness and growth.

The Conference consists of two interrelated parts, namely:

  • the “Scientific” part, in which recent developments and supportive technologies relevant to challenges faced by small and medium-sized Mediterranean cities and communities will be presented; and
  • the “Exhibition” part, aiming at giving the opportunity to industry and SMEs to present products that can solve current and forthcoming problems of these communities.

The above distinction reflects an effort to bring together scientific knowledge and industry developments for increasing knowledge stock on potential solutions and providing options on technological products and solutions that can support cities and communities in the Mediterranean to cope with current challenges and needs.

Scientific Part

Taking into consideration the peculiarities of the Mediterranean coastal cities and communities, such as vulnerability to climate change impacts, economic recession, high valued tourist destinations at a global scale, severe migration trends, city ports opportunities and threats, potential for renewable energy production, water shortage etc., a number of topics would be of interest as themes of the Conference, with a specific focus on smart solutions to deal with these topics. As such can be indicatively considered the following:

• Renewable Energy – Smart Energy Management
• Smart Buildings
• Smart Urban Transport
• Smart Port Management
• Smart Water Resource Management
• Smart Waste Management
• Smart Infrastructure
• Smart Tourist Destinations - Tourism Management – Responsible Tourism –
• Smart City Marketing & City Branding
• Smart Applications for Natural Risk Management and Resilience in the Mediterranean (floods,
earthquakes, drought etc.)
• Smart Environment
• Participation – Smart People – Citizens' Empowerment
• Quality of Life
• Smart government - New Governance Models
• New Business Models for Smart Urban Development
• Integrated Planning – Spatial Planning – Marine and Urban Planning
• Blue Growth Opportunities – Potential Developments in Coastal Mediterranean Small and
Medium-sized Cities and Communities / Island regions
• Smart Islands
• Open Data
• Large Data Management Challenges in the Urban Context

Share ideas and present opportunities

  • Potential of Smart City in the context of small and medium-sized cities in the Mediterranean, an important issue taking into consideration the type of Mediterranean cities.
  • New business models relevant to a smart city environment, a very important issue, which also lies at the core of EU approach towards smart cities.
  • Smart islands, a peculiarly important issue for the Mediterranean region due to the number of islands inherent in this area.
  • Smart energy and transport, issues that attract high interest in a smart city context, and are important in the Mediterranean region as well due to the demand emerging from the tourist sector.
  • Smart water, a crucial issue in times of water scarcity due to climate change impacts and irrational consumption patterns.
  • Smart tourism in a region that is a top destination worldwide, placing pressure by an environmental, economic and social point of view.

Exhibition Part

Industrial partners and stakeholders can find the Smart-Blue-City Conference as an excellent opportunity to: present/exhibit smart products and services; establish contacts with the academic community as well as city and island communities; identify new market opportunities through the SMART-MED cluster initiatives.

    Who can participate

    The conference aims to create a platform for interaction and knowledge exchange among the key actors involved in urban development issues, namely: (a) citizens and policy makers; (b) scientific community; and (c) industry and local stakeholders. This interaction will support the building of bonds of both horizontal nature (within the above groups, e.g. cities, industry, academia) and vertical nature (among cities, academia and industry), opening up a range of new opportunities and challenges for future cooperation.

    Why attend the smart blue city conference and exhibition

    transfer European and International experience to cities and islands
    in the Mediterranean...