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About the Conference

The focus of the Conference is primarily on coastal small and medium-sized cities and communities in the Mediterranean. These are considered as of crucial importance for a number of reasons, with the most important being:

  1. The large number of such small and medium-sized cities spread across the Mediterranean coast.
  2. The commonalities of the general features of such cities and communities, particularly their human scale, liveability and social cohesion, conviviality of their neighborhoods, and their geographical cohesion and historical character, factors that constitute an ideal of sustainable urbanism in many ways.
  3. Their role as natural but also cultural heritage poles, developed by close interaction and historical bonds shared by the Mediterranean coastal cities through centuries, rendering them, among others, attractive tourist destinations at a global scale.
  4. Their role as nodes of interaction in the context of sea routes -ports- crossing the Mediterranean sea, rendering them commercial nodes too, while placing also additional problems and challenges that such a role implies.
  5. Their common destiny in respect of a number of challenges related to climate change, migration, deterioration of sea environment, austerity, water scarcity etc., which underlines the necessity of implementing smart solutions towards a more sustainable and smart profile of resource management.

Based on the multiple nature of the above presented challenges, the Conference is expected to host a variety of participants from the academia, SMEs, industry and professionals as well as decision makers, regional authorities and city representatives in order that, a fruitful dialogue among these groups to be developed and new ideas and technologies, capable of coping with key challenges, to be put at the service of urban settlements in the Mediterranean.

Who can participate

The conference aims to create a platform for interaction and knowledge exchange among the key actors involved in urban development issues, namely: (a) citizens and policy makers; (b) scientific community; and (c) industry and local stakeholders. This interaction will support the building of bonds of both horizontal nature (within the above groups, e.g. cities, industry, academia) and vertical nature (among cities, academia and industry), opening up a range of new opportunities and challenges for future cooperation.

Smart Blue City
1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2016

Smart Urban Development and Blue Growth Opportunities for Cities, Communities

and Islands in the Mediterranean Basin

The Conference is under the auspices of:

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades

Organizing Committee

Chrysses Nicolaides, Founder Smart Cities Mediterranean Cluster (SMART-MED) - CEO CNE Business Development Ltd, Cyprus (, CYPRUS.

Anastasia Stratigea, Assoc. Prof., National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Dept. of Geography and Regional Planning, Greece (, Founding member/ Advisor Smart Cities Mediterranean Cluster (SMART-MED), GREECE.

Marios Papadopoulos, Director of Papadopoulos &Schinis Productions Ltd, Chairman of Diastasis Cultural Association, CYPRUS.

Panicos Schinis, Chairman of Papadopoulos &Schinis Productions Ltd, CYPRUS.

Elias Kyriakides, Prof., KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks, University of Cyprus, Cyprus, (, CYPRUS.

Heily Ferrer, Director of GAINN Cooperative Innovatiion, Member of Smart Cities Mediterranean Cluster (SMART-MED), SPAIN.

Nicos Nicolaou, Head International Relations Strategy-Communication, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), CYPRUS.