About me | creator tristan d.

My woodworking interests and how it began.

Woodworking wasn't always an interest of mine, I never took interests nor thought into trying it out. Although I am a woodworking wiz now, I wasn't always this way. My name is Tristan D., I am 14yrs old and a woodworker, wood carver, knife maker, and much more. And I am here to show you what I do best, and explain how it all began.

When I was 11 yrs old, my interest in woodworking began with my Grandfather. He was a woodworker for quite some time, and it had taken me that long to really notice what he really did. During the time I started taking interest in it, it didn't fascinate me much because I didn't realize the joy and fun it has along with it. I was starting off carving small sticks, and playing around here and there. But one day, that started it all, I found out my grandfather was having a birthday. I knew he liked to woodwork, so I thought it would be the coolest thing to surprise him with something I made myself. Which then, I finally found the project that would start it all.

I decided to do my first project, to be a wooden puzzle/ secret box. It was a challenge, but I was up for it. I began doing a lot of work, and overcame many problems and obstacles that only made me hate it more. But eventually, finally, after two weeks, I finished the Puzzle box. It is probably one of my favorite projects to this day, and all that hard work inspired me to do more. And he loved it so much, and had no idea I took interest in it. And he began teaching me tips & tricks gradually. And soon, I began knife making. And because my Uncles did a lot of KnifeMaking; that influenced me quite a bit also.

And so I began Knifemaking as gifts, for selling, and more. I then started picking up on more difficult projects, and the more difficult you go, you'll get even better as long as you do your best, try hard, and most importantly have fun. And I did just that, and kept going until i got better. I then got a Youtube channel, which sparked my inspiration and productivity, so I kept uploading videos, and kept finding more projects to do, and gradually, I found a talent and interest that I would most likely depend on when i'm an adult. All the 3 yrs of trying paid off, and that's why i'm here doing what i do today. And I encourage you to do what I did; try hard, do your best, have fun, and Create Something.

"Woodworking is not only working, it is an art and freedom to do what you love. The key to accomplishing great thing is to Try hard, do your best, and most importantly; have fun."

~ Tristan D. "Burlywoodworks"