2018 Brought Color Profile Look Up Tables to Lightroom - Now you can add all the Photoshop color LUTS to your Lightroom and ACR profiles...

Being able to use the color profiles in Lightroom 2018 is great, especially with the effect strength slider. But perhaps like me you were enjoying the Photoshop LUTS so much you wanted to see them in your Lightroom profiles for direct access.

Well now you can!

Simply click the Buy Now button to pay $5 on Paypal which then redirects you to the download page where you simply click the download to download the zip file. Once unzipped you place all 27 of the xmp files in the Camera Raw settings folder (or download the zip file direct to the following folder and unzip there):

Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings

Windows(user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

or C:Users-[user name]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

If you are on a Mac, the Library menu may be hidden, depending on your operating system. To reveal it, hold the Option key down while selecting the “Go” menu in the Finder.

These instructions are repeated on the download page.

You can now enjoy using Photoshops Color Luts direct in Lightroom.

I hope this saves you lots of time in the long run as it has for me.