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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for Anon Goddess Bot

The Zios.tk team is going to be refered as "We" from here on out.

We will ask for basic information (Names) that is not to be shared with any third parties that is not affiliated with the Zios.tk team or business, Unless provided with a valid warrant to release such Information.

We use this information so the bot can identify you, your name is not stored after you finish talking the the bot(End the conversation by saying "Good Bye Anon Goddess"

We will block and ban you from the page/bot for ANY Terrorist Activities, Sexual Pictures, Sexual Acts, Etc.

We reserve the right to update and remove anything to/from this privacy policy at any given time.

The Bot is a chat bot not a sexual bot, nor will it ever be, the bot will end the conversation if sexual acts are inquired.