Learn About Cell phone Tower Rental Lease

Cell phone tower leases are not like other leases. Unlike the commercial and residential leases where the landlord negotiates for the terms he or she wants, in the cell phone tower lease, the tenant is the one who negotiates for what he or she wants. Landowners who lease their land to telecommunications companies earn a lot from them. It is important to note that landowners earn a lot from these leases because companies are unwilling to look for other land once they negotiate or terms for yours since erecting a cell tower costs a lot of money.

As a landowner, you can maximize your earnings from a cell tower lease since telecommunications companies like from https://torrecelular.com/renta-de-terrenos-para-antena-de-telcel-o-telesite/ will be willing add you money when you ask for it since they are not assured of getting land close to your home and for efficient cell phone network, cell towers have to be in close proximity to each other. You also stand a chance of earning a lot since at times, cell phone companies tend to share cell towers so as to avoid the extra cost of each company building its own tower.

It is important to note that cell phone companies bring experts at https://torrecelular.com/servicio-de-renta-de-torre-celular with them when negotiating for these leases and so should you so as to ensure that you get the best deal out of you leasing out your property. An expert with experience is bound to have worked on many leases and will therefore ensure that you get the absolute best deal for your land. When negotiating for these terms, it is important for a landowner to not extend the term of a lease to a telecommunications company. This is because if you extend it, there will be no renewal of your agreement and companies are willing to pay a lot of money during renewal so as to ensure that their antennas stay put.

It is important to have any document claiming to have amendments for your lease read by an attorney since many are the times that these amendments prohibit a landowner from selling his or her land after leasing it out. It is important to be aware of the company that is leasing your property and ensure that you get extra revenue if another company wants to sublease your property and put up their antennas. It is also important to note that cell companies may threaten you with having their tower removed from your land if you do not reduce your rates but you should know that these are just mere threats. The cost of moving a cell phone tower is one that many companies are unwilling to incur and they are therefore willing to pay the negotiated upon rates to remain put. Learn more about antenna at this website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/antenna.