Types Of Window Blinds For Residential Use

Window blinds have been used since ancient times, in fact, Persians utilized wet clothes as blinds to limit the amount of dust that could get in through their windows. Chinese on the other hand used bamboos as a type of window blinds. The process of making blinds has evolved as better materials are now used and better technology. The primary function of window blinds is to regulate external light and lock in warmth.

Window blinds are part of a household; they bring a decorative effect to the room. When you choose a blind, you may decide to use a bright color to give the place a bright feel or a neutral color to provide the room with a calm feeling. Blinds can be categorized into Roman, Venetian, panel, vertical and roller all these categories are designed for different window styles.

Roman blinds are made of fabrics such that they fold up when they are raised. The material is typically mounted with slats on the back such that when they are rolled up the stack neatly. They are usually connected to a cord or chain. They are useful when it is cold as they insulate the warmth in the room. Visit this website http://www.ehow.com/how_5558277_clean-honeycomb-blinds.html about blinds.

Blinds and Designs are made of solid piece of fabric or any other material that easily rolls up it uses chains or springs to roll. It does not have planks that serve as the support. It uses the material that wraps around a lightweight when blinds are raised.

Venetian blinds are usually horizontal; no fabric is used when making them. The conventional materials used to make the Venetian blinds include wood, aluminum or wood. The blinds allow light through the slats when the curtains are drawn. It is easy to regulate the light that passes through as you can set an angle of the slats. Check out hunter douglas blinds online here!

Vertical blinds, they usually use the same working principle as the Venetian blinds. They typically hang vertically; they are ideal for large windows or full doors. They can be used to provide an anti-glare effect on large glass doors, while still allowing light to get through.

Panel blinds are usually used where there is a large opening or huge windows. They are mounted on a track system that ensures they slide from left to right. It may be designed using fabric or any other material. Panel blinds may be used to divide a room. If you are looking to spruce your home, then you can choose one of the many designs of the blinds.