Metal Spinning and Pressing Processes

The process through which we end up with magnificent metal products starts from the raw metal that is made to undergo a lot of processes. The metal spinning process involves rotating a metal disc at high speeds, the outcomes will be a symmetrical part. You can use a CNC lathe in the rotation of the, metal or you could do it by hand provided you have mastery of the skill.

In the process of metal spinning at Winward Engineering there will be no removal of materials as you would find with other processes such as conventional wood. Spinning will just be molding a sheet of metal over an existing shape that it's supposed to take after. Apart from commercial purposes, this process is used by artisans to produce beautiful pieces of metal art. The spinning process is quite simple, the formed block that the metal sheet is supposed to take shape from is mounted on the driving part of the lathe. The next step involves clamping of the metal disc against the shape through the use of pressure. The next step will involve rotating the metal disc and the block together and extremely fast as well.

As the two are spinning , different levers with varying amount of pressure are brought in where they force the metal disc to flow over the block gradually to a point that its completely covered. There are complex pieces that will require a multi piece block to be used to give the multi piece shape of the metal. Ice can also be used in making the blocks for spinning because after the work is done it, melts away. Hot spinning is a process where the metal will be exposed to a hot torch as the spinning continues. Compared to normal spinning, hot spinning goes a little faster due to the fact that heat makes metals easy to fold under pressure . In metal works after metal has been worked on when hot it's cooled rapidly so as to have the results just the way the artists wants. Look for more facts about welding at

Spinning of metal at Winward Engineering has some unique advantages that you wouldn't find when using other metal forming methods. Metal spinning allows the artist to make alterations that tend to be very cheap compared to other methods. Metal pressing also referred to as stamping is placing metal sheets in a machine so they can be made into a net shape. There are a variety of metal processes that could be used in metal pressing. Among the most common metal stamping processes bending tops the list, to bend the metal sheet will need you to use a straight line. Ironing is another metal pressing technique, the metal here is forced against a surface and the desired result will be reducing the thickness of the metal.