Managing the Feedback on Your App

Today, there are many ways to determine how you can improve your app and what you should focus on the next time you're starting to plan another update. In come cases, it could be a small couple of bugfixes, in some cases it could be a new feature – in any case, it usually comes down to feedback from the users of your app or game. However, the feedback must be managed and there are several things you need to take into account to make sure that your app is as great as possible.

Consider following this advice to make sure that you're managing the feedback in a pleasant and practical way for yourself and your fans too.

Be polite at all times

When it comes to app store reviews (App Store or Google Play), it's important to stay polite no matter how harsh the situation is – even if you're encountering all kinds of rudeness and negativity, it's important to be polite, but being strict when the situation demands it is important to your reputation and showing your ability to make sure that loyal fans remain satisfied with your app and the rest of the community. Friendliness, politeness and strict enforcement of the terms of use is always a great way to establish yourself as a community manager.

Read every review

In the case of feedback on apps, it's a great idea to read every review, even the positive and neutral ones, and especially the negative ones. Remember that all of them provide feedback in one way or another, and you need it to improve your app and learn which bugs and/or glitches or issues your app is suffering from right now. It's also a good idea to learn what users want and what you can do to improve their experience with your app.

Communicate with your audience

If you encounter a positive review, consider thanking the user for it. Neutral reviews can also be thanked for. But when it comes to the negative reviews, you can (and should) talk to the reviewer and ask them about their problems with the app. If it's a bug or issue, ask for details to reproduce it and do your best to fix it.

As noted about, stay polite and make sure that the user is convinced to re-think their review once the issues are dealt with. Inform every user who is reporting the same bug and make sure to stay polite too – it's the only way to make sure the users will give it a second chance and change their review to a more positive one.

The main reason behind this lies in the fact that the ratings and reviews affect the app ranking. The “better” your app is, the more popular it can become. Do your best to make your audience happy at all costs.

Make sure to deal with rude messages, trolling and spam

Negativity and rudeness “for fun” can't be escaped today, but you can deal with it to keep them minimized and less problematic to the overall community. Don't act angry – stay polite at all times and don't engage the rude and trolling users and ban them or remove their comments if they don't listen to your warnings and if they keep acting this way.

Spamming should be dealt with on regular basis – if you don't clean it up at least once per day, you're creating a problem for yourself, since spam-infested groups and pages tend to appear abandoned by their original creators and don't really bring the positive emotions to the community.

In short, here is a list of what you should keep in mind while managing the feedback:

  • Be polite;
  • Don't try to engage the troll;
  • Maintain the positive mood;
  • Communicate with your audience;
  • Try to make every user happy.

If you don't have time to manage the feedback, however, consider working with a marketing agency which is engaged in mobile app promotion to make sure that the feedback from the community is managed and the community remains happy and they keep looking forward to new updates from you.

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